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Top 10 most polluted cities of the world


Sometimes A question arises in our minds Which is the most Polluted City in the world lets discuss the factors!
Pollution is a very serious problem of present time. It can be defined as a poison in the natural environment which cause numerous human as well as animal diseases.It can be turned into several ways such as light, heat and noise. There are several form of pollution which affect badly on the environment and these forms are given below :

  • Air pollution through the chemical releasing and some gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides etc are the main pollutants of air.
  • Noise Pollution which is produced through industries, aircraft and road traffic etc.
  • Water pollution is the another factor of pollution which occurs through the discharge of waste chemicals , discharge of Unreliable sewerage etc .

It is not the problem of some specific nations, but this problem is being faced by all countries of the world. There are some nations where this problem is at highest level . Following is a list of top ten cities where environmental pollution rate is highest than other cities of the world. below is list of Top ten most polluted cities in the world.


List of Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World


Rank City Country
1. Sumgayit Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan
2. Linfen China flag  China
3. Tianjing China flag  China
4. Sukinda india flag  India
5. Vapi  india flag India
6. La Oroya peru flag  Peru
7. Dzerzhinsk Russia Flag  Russia
8. Norilsk Russia Flag  Russia
9. Chernobyl ukraine  Ukraine
10. Kabwe Zambia  Zambia



Q : Which is the most Polluted City in the world ?

Ans : At present Sumgayit is the most polluted city which is located in Azerbaijan.

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