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most of times in daily life we hear that some country got independence, so with every passing day the number of nations are increasing around the globe. As a result number of new countries are listed. All the nations are different in their size and population. Some have large area while on the other hand some are smaller than those countries. Some countries are famous as the best tourism places while some hold a great position for further reasons. Some are having great population size while some are least densely populated. According to latest list of 2014 , the smallest country in world is Vatican Cit, details are below

smallest countries of the world

Country : Vatican City
Capital : Vatican City
Location : Rome, Italy
Official Language : Italian , Latin
Total Area : 0.44 km2
Population : 836
Currency : Euro
Dialing Code : +379

This is the smallest but a strong country situated in the world in accordance to its area and population. It has no single street address because of its small area. It came into existence in 1929 as an independent state in the world by the Lateran Treaty.

short area countries of the world

A thing which creates uniqueness in the smallest countries is that there are not permanent citizens. only those persons are concerned as citizens who work for the country, citizenship of a person is sustained until he work there. whenever someone stops its work his citizenship is terminated.It also own Military for its defense which is the oldest army of the world named Swiss Guard, also It has a very good economy.After Vatican City, Monaco is the second smallest nation covering the total area of 2.02 km2. Although it is a small country yet it is a best tourism place the atmosphere of this country is average in January its normal temperature is recorded from 10 °C – 24 °C in the month of August. Since 1929 there begun the formula 1 races that are well reputed for this nation as well as the outsiders coming to this country. Here the major inhabitants are French and a recent report revealed that half of its population is French.

smallest countries

Similarly Nauru stands at third position with the lowest area size. It is officially recognized as republic of Nauru but properly is identified as Pleasant island. It is situated in the west region of Pacific Ocean. Geographically it is covering 21 sq. kilometers and it is surrounded by the coral Reef. Banaba Island is its neighboring country located on the Southern Side.

graph of shortest countries of the world

List of Top Ten Smallest Countries by Area Size
Rank Country Area (km2)
1. Vatican City 0.44
2. Monaco 1.98
3. Nauru 21
4. Tuvalu 26
5. San Marino 61
6. Liechtenstein 160
7. Marshall Islands 181
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis 261
9. The Maldives 300
10. The Republic of Seychelles 450
Furthermore the Italians, Belgians, and Swiss people are also the citizens of this nation. The major populace believes in Roman Catholic group. Here the income tax is exempted to its citizens resulting from it is considered the home of rich people. Monaco’s Official language is French.

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