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As there are certain points on Earth that are way above the sea level and often in the form of peaks, there are other points on Earth where certain landmasses are actually below the sea level. In fact, there are a lot of famous places and cities on Earth that are below the sea level. Cities like Bangkok, New Orleans, Karachi and several other famous places are under the sea level. Almost a third of Netherlands is under the sea level as well. There are several places in on Earth all over where there are landmasses below the actual sea level. In fact, every continent has at least one such depression. These depressions are caused by the converging tectonic plates or expanding centers. So let’s find out the lowest points on each continent and how they rank against each other.

most lowest point on earth

7. Australia

The deepest depression that occurs naturally in Australia is Lake Eyre which goes below the sea level at -15m. It is usually barren and has scattered quantities of water, but when on the rare occasion it fills up, it becomes the largest lake in Australia with 9,500 km square of the area.

6. Europe

top places with most lowest points

Europe has several points that are below the sea level but these depressions never really go beyond a few meters. The Caspian Sea which is the largest Inland body of water in the world is the lowest point in Europe, and it is near the Caucasus region below Russia. Its deepest point is -28m.

5. Antarctica

Being a landmass that is hugely covered in Ice, Antarctica usually doesn’t have many points below the sea level. However, there is one in the Vestfold Hills which are the rocky coastal area which has a variety of lakes. The Deep Lake here is the deepest point in the continent with -50m of depression from the sea level.

4. North America

top lowest points on earth

The Death Valley is a desert valley in the Eastern part of California, and it is also one of the hottest places on Earth during peak summer time. Because of the blowing wind and very little precipitation, there is a huge depression and its floor bed is -86 meter below the sea level.

3. South America

top most lowest points on earth

Laguna Del Carbón is the lowest point in South America. It is located in Argentina while the depression from the sea level sea level is -105m. Laguna Del Carbona is a salt lake, and with its small area of 9 km square and salty water, there is very little of fish life.

2. Africa

top most lowest points on earth

Lake Assal is not only the deepest and lowest point in Africa, but it is also the second lowest point within a landmass on Earth. It is revered for its beautiful emerald water which is attributed to the black lava fields and dormant volcanoes that lie beneath the water surface. It is -155 meters below the sea level near the Danakil Desert in Central Djibouti.

Which is the Lowest Point on Earth

Rank Continent Lowest Elevation Points in Meters Name
1 Asia -414 Dead Sea
2 Africa -155 Lake Assal
3 South America -105 Laguna Del Carbona
4 North America -86 Death Valley
5 Antarctica -50 Deep Lake, Vestfold Hills
6 Europe -28 Caspian Sea
7 Australia -15 Lake Eyre

1. Asia

The reason Asia has so many highest and lowest points on Earth is simply that it is the largest landmass on Earth and on top of that contains the highest number of tectonic plates. The Dead Sea bordering Jordan and Israel is the lowest point on Earth which can sometimes go as low as 1,400 feet because of the changing sea level. It is because of that this lowest point on Earth changes frequently. Currently, it is -414 meters below the sea level which is -1360 feet.


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