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palm oil production by country

While talking about the most popular and widely consumed edible oils, no one can ignore the Palm oil. it is considered as one of the most popular and consumed vegetable oils obtained from the mesocarp. Its color is generally reddish due to high beta-carotene content. thus it should not to be confused with the palm kernel oil that is obtained from the kernel of the similar fruit or the coconut oil that is obtained from the kernel of the coconut palm.

Palm oil is one of the common ingredients used in production of cooking oil in the tropical belt of Southeast Asia, Some Parts of Brazil, Africa and Europe. Its consumption in the commercial food industries is growing day by day due to less costs. Moreover its usage in the food products has attracted most of the big cooking oil manufacturing companies due to numerous benefits for human health. few years back Malaysia was leading producer but Indonesian government took serious steps and increased palm oil production at remarkable level becoming the top producer in the world.but sad news is: large number of deforestation was performed for plantation of palm trees.

Following is a list showing the list of top ten countries by their annual palm oil production in 1000 MT. Malaysia and Indonesia both Join to form 70% of total world production.

Rank Country Yield
(1000 MT)
1. indonesia flag  Indonesia 31,000.00
2. malaysia flag  Malaysia 19,200.00
3. Thailand  Thailand 2,100.00
4. Colombia  Colombia 1,000.00
5. Nigeria flag  Nigeria 930.00
6. Papua New Guinea  Papua New Guinea 630.00
7. Ecuador  Ecuador 565.00
8. Honduras   Honduras 430.00
9. Cote d'ivoire  Côte D’ivoire 400.00
10. brazil flag  Brazil 340.00



Ans : With More than 31,000.00 Per 1000 MT annual production, Indonesia is Given the first rank as the largest Palm Oil producing country in the world.

Source: united states department of agriculture

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