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wine production

The Wine industry has great and historical significance that dates back towards the ancient human times.mostly reported by various sources that old wines come from the classic alcohol producing areas which are located in Europe. A recent report reveals that the Wine Production around the globe is rising significantly that has taken into account the least vinified output during 2012. If we go a few years back in 2006, the loss of 3, 00,000 hectares of vines would be in front of us. And if compared to 2006 output, 2013 productivity has a visible and significant rise. Its usage is rising with every passing day so its production has also risen all over the world with respect to consumption.

Although it is produced all over the globe yet Italy is considered one of the oldest producing regions around the globe, having remarkable grape  production . Due to great and widely liked varieties of Italian wines these are much popular, making Italy world’s major wine-producing nation by annual output. Its contribution in the overall wine production is about 45 to 50 million HL annually that is estimated to round about 1/3 of world’s entire manufacturing.

Following Italy, France is the second largest alcoholic drink producing country in the world with more than 4,673,400 tones annual manufacturing. French Wine is one of the famous and widely liked wines around the world. It is produced throughout the country. If we go back into the history, France is tracing its history to the sixth century, BC. In accordance to a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations Agency), Following is a ranking list of top ten nations that are reporting to be world’s major alcohol based drinks producing nations. The Report actually reveals that these top ten nations are contributing to about 85% of world overall production.

wine production in the world

Top 10 Wine Producing Countries in the World
Rank Country Output
1. Italy Italy 6,590,750
2. france France 4,673,400
3. Spain Spain 3,339,700
4. United States flag United States 2,211,300
5. china flag China 1,657,500
6. Argentina flag Argentina 1,547,300
7. Australia Australia 1,133,860
8. Chile Chile 1,046,000
9. South africa South Africa 965,500
10. germany Germany 961,100


Q : Do you Know Which nation Produces The Most Wine in the World?


Italy is the largest producer as compared to rest of nations. It covers the total land area of 301,338 km2 . while 2.4% area is covered by water.
Its capital is Rome and it is situated in Europe . Its population is 60,813,326. Italian is the official language. Italy is not only the biggest producer but it is also biggest consumer. 4,580,000 tones are produced in this country.


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