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Flowers have all kind of connotations in our daily lives. They are often used to show different kinds of sentiments around the world. The most famous flowers belong to the rose family. Apart from the red rose that is global indication of love, there are several other colors of this very species of flowers that are used to represent different feelings. The yellow colored rose is often given in order to show friendship, often platonic, to others.

countries with most beautiful flowers

Flower that is produced all around the world is used in several different ways other than just giving them to people. There are corsages, carnations, centerpieces and other flower arrangements used in weddings, dinner parties or other events. Flowers don’t just have aesthetic appeal in our lives. Without flowers there actually will be no honey in the world which is the healthiest alternative to sugar. Bees produce honey by collecting nectar from the flowers. That works in favor of the flowers as well as the bees then become transporters for the purpose of pollination. Flowers are also used in producing some qualities of wines.

Transportation Process

Continental Produce and Largest producers

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Dutch are the largest producers of flowers in the world. If anyone of you have ever been to the capital city Amsterdam you could guess why the country produces most flowers in the world. Like Netherlands, there are three other countries from Europe in the list of top 10 flower producing countries in the world. All four from Europe are in the top six. Sweden is at third place while Denmark and Switzerland are fifth and sixth respectively. North America only has USA as a representative at second place. Similarly, South America and Oceania also have one country in the list each. Brazil is fourth place and Australia is seventh place as the top flower producer. The last three countries in the top 10 ranking of most flower producers are all from Asia. It is an anomaly for China to not be truly in the game of flower production as Malaysia, Cambodia and India are 8th, 9th and 10th place respectively. The only habitable continent that doesn’t have a country in this list is Africa which is understandable considering the barren climate of most of the continent.

Types of Flower Produce

There are two types of reproduction processes by which flowers are produced globally; Sexual reproduction and vegetative reproduction.

countries with most beautiful flowers

  • Sexual Reproduction for plants is not that different from the sexual reproduction of animals in theory. For this purpose, flowers are basically the reproductive organs of a plant. The anther in plant produces male gametophytes which are the pollen grain. The carpel of the flower has stigma which are inside the ovary. When the pollen grain attaches to the stigma it basically fertilizes the egg cell and endosperm nuclei in the ovary to complete a process called double fertilization.
  • Vegetative Reproduction is a process where the flower doesn’t require seeds, spores or pollination to reproduce. Some flowers have the ability for vegetative reproduction but most of the vegetative production of flowers in the world is facilitated using chemical treatments by horticulturists.

Flower Production by Country

Top Ten Flower Producing Countries

Everyone knows that Flower industry took into existence in the land of England but which country is the largest producer of cut flowers this is more interesting question. Its answer is given in the below table.

Rank Flower Producing
1. Netherlands Amsterdam
2. America Washington, D.C.
3. Brazil Brasília
4. Sweden Stockholm
5. Denmark Copenhagen
6. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
7. India New Delhi
8. Switzerland Bern
9. Combordia Phnom Penh
10. Australia Canberra

Different Colors and Meanings of roses

countries with most flower production

  1. White roses for Bridal purposes and represent a happy love life while the standard represent innocence and purity.
  2. Dark Red and Burgundy both represent unconscious beauty.
  3. Red rose says I love you. A bouquet of red roses can also be given as congratulation, for respect and of course as another way to express love.
  4. Pink roses represent thanks or admiration
  5. Yellow rose represents friendship.
  6. Orange is for desire while its variant, the peach color is for closing a deal or a get together.
  7. The Lavender colored rose represents love at first side or being charmed by someone.
  8. Blue represents somethings unattainable.
  9. Black roses are used for death, departure of someone or as a final farewell.

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