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 Mango is a very famous fruit in all over the world which is considered ” The King of Fruits . It is very liked in all over the countries due to its different varieties and is produced in all the countries of the world.



It have been cultivated in South Asia for thousands of the years . Its taste is sweet and is very delicious.In several countries its production rate has difference . Some nations cultivate  it on large scale while on the other hand some nations produce it on a very large scale for its exports. It have several kinds out of which some are as follows :

  • Ataulfo
  • Keitt
  • Francis
  • Tommy Atkins
  • Kent
  • Haden


 Availability By Variety

availbility of mangos by kinds

The food and agriculture organization estimated the worldwide production and prepared a list of top ten countries and aggregate production of these countries is 80% of the world .

List of Top 10 Mango Producers


Rank Country Mango Production (Tons)
1.   India 16337400
2.   China 4,351,593
3.   Thailand 2,550,600
4.   Pakistan 1,784,300
5.   Mexico 1,632,650
6.   Indonesia 1,313,540
7.   Brazil 1,188,910
8. Bangladesh 1,047,850


Philippines 823,576
10.  Nigeria 790,200

[box type=”tick” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]India is the leading nation in mango production as compared to all over the world.

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