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Africa is widely famous as the poorest continent on the planet. By its population size, more than 1.1 billion inhabitants are making it the second most cultivated continent on the planet covered by the total land area 30,221,532 sq kilometers. It is covers about 6 percent of world’s entire area including rivers, sea, oceans and canals, etc. However, when it comes to only earth, it covers 24% of world’s overall land area. It consists on 54 different countries from which two nations are still in a governmental and geographical dispute. Although it is considered the poorest continent on the planet yet there are some nations that still persist in the list of world’s richest nations. Today we are going to discuss the strongest country in Africa continent.

Today three nations are much significant in Africa continent because these are not only the richest nations, but these are also widely recognized as strongest nations by their economy and military as well. When it comes to the most powerful and stable economy, Nigeria and South Africa come on the top of the list. While, on the other hand, when we move to the military power, Egypt comes on the top of the list as the strongest country in Africa by its military power. Now we are going to discuss the most powerful countries with reference to the things that are making these nations more powerful than other African countries.

We have already discussed above that Algeria; South Africa and Egypt are the top nations by their strongest economy and military respectively. How much the economy is important and how much the military power is significant these are interesting question. So first of all, you need to distinguish the importance of the economy then you would be able to decide whether which the most powerful African country in reality is.

A Powerful Economy is More Significant than a Powerful Military

most powerful countries of Africa

It is the force of financial numbers that make nations more effective, or super powers, and not the quantity of its military staff. Now that it has been brought up, the super powers in mankind’s history picked up their distinctions on the basis of the power of their GDP; the ability to support the defense might. Without a powerful and developing economy, the military force goes to a nothing.

Financial force can be characterized extensively as the ability to impact different states through efficient financial means. It is being made out of the nation’s mechanical base, capital, natural resources, engineering, geographical position, human health system and the education framework. Military power then again is the ability to utilize the power or the threat of power to impact diverse states. Segments of military force incorporate number of divisions, weapons, association and training, supply of equipment, availability, arrangement and discipline.

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A stable economy, subsequently, figures most conspicuously in a country’s force potential and therefore in its security analytics. All the state needs to buy arms in the global commercial center is the hard currency. It permits the states with monetary force to effortlessly get the military gear. Likewise, the further parts of military force such as training and morale assurance are harder to get through change of financial resources, it is not inconceivable. A decently financed military force can send its military personals abroad for the enhanced training and pay its military staff well. A well paid trooper is more likely to show an exclusive standard of professionalism and have high spirit for his nation. Simply we can say if a nation has a good and healthier economy it can easily maintain a powerful military which can only be possible if a country has a stronger economy. Without a stronger economy, no nation can maintain the best and powerful military. However, a nation without a strong economy can also maintain a biggest army power, but it will affect the other sectors of that nation such as health, education, industry and technology, etc. The major reason behind this disturbance to the other sectors would be the unbalanced allocation of funds to the entire sector.

After this debate, the point is clear that a powerful economy is more important than a powerful military. So Algeria can be said the most powerful country in Africa because about $522.6 billion GDP makes it the most powerful economy in Africa continent. As its economy is making it the strongest African country, so below is the economic report of Algeria according to 2013 estimates.

A brief overview of the Algerian Economy

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During the last few years until 2012, the economy of Algeria has raised by 2.5 percent a minor increase from 2011. However, the hydrocarbons are excluded as their growth rate was being estimated about 5.8 percent up from 5.7 percent reported in 2011. However, the inflation rate has been rising rapidly. Similarly, a reasonable rise has been observed in the inflation rate estimated at 8.9 percent that is up if compared to 4.49 percent in the year 2011. According to 2013 estimates, its GDP was estimated to $522.6 billion and in 2013 its GDP growth rate was estimated to 3.3 %. While per capita Algerian GDP (PPP) was being estimated about $13,788. Following is a list of Algerian GDP by sector

  • Agriculture Sector 8.4 %
  • Industry 61.1%
  • Services 31.5 %

Oil and gas are the principal sources of Algerian revenues that are contributing to about 70 percent of total receipts in the countryside. While in these two natural resources are contributing to more than 97% of its exports revenue. A recent report predicted that the Algerian economic growth rate would be 4.0 percent in 2014. Algerian external position remained pretty well during 2012 it earned about 27.18 billion U.S. Dollars as its foreign trade. Furthermore, Algerian economy is predicted to boost further within the coming few years because of various development strategies to make it stronger. Algeria is also expecting that its sustained economic growth would provide further jobs to not only the Algerian populace but also other people coming in the countryside.


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