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Soccer, which is known in most of the eastern hemisphere as Football, is a sport where two teams field 11 players each that kick around a ball and try to put it in opposition’s goal to score a point. These points are simply known as goals. Football is known for producing boring score lines of 0-0 quite often and draws are not uncommon, especially in non-knock out matches. Football’s governing body is called FIFA which oversees all of the soccer/football, futsal and beach football as well. We are here to find out which country is best at soccer which means that we are going to look at the best men’s national teams. That might have proven to be a difficulty two and a half decade back when there was no ranking system but FIFA introduced FIFA World rankings in 1992 in order to find out the best teams in the world.

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Some Facts about FIFA Rankings

Only eight distinct teams have held the title of being the best at soccer with Brazil being the team that has stayed at the top for the longest periods of time. The eight distinct teams are: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.
Ever since the inauguration of FIFA world rankings only Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have won the world Cup with Brazil winning it twice and others winning it once.
Belgium is a fairly recent addition to the No.1 ranking as they went past Argentina in rankings in 2015. They are currently seventh in the rankings.
There have been teams like Hungary Uruguay and England that have won the world cup before have been considered the best teams when they won the world cup before the World rankings were introduced.

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Countries Currently Best at Soccer

5. Colombia

Columbia’s ranking as the fifth best team has been a little controversial as not only the team was absent in three World Cups from 2002 to 2010 but also performed poorly in 2015 Copa America. It’s strong showing at 2014 World Cup with reaching the quarter final and finishing third in Copa America Centenario in 2016 has helped their world ranking. Columbia also has a good win record against the top 10 teams in the world.

4. Chile

Chile has never won the world cup much like Columbia but it had a strong showing in 2014 World Cup and even went on to winning the Copa America in 2016, winning the final against Argentina. All of that has helped their ranking.

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3. Germany

Ever since winning the world cup in 2014, Germany has fallen in ranking because of the disappointing Euro 2016 campaign. It is still the third best team in the world and has an impressive track record in friendlies.

2. Argentina

Argentina has held the No.1 position in the FIFA world rankings for the past year. It finished as the runner up in FIFA World Cup 2014 and also in the Copa America 2015 and Copa America Centenario 2016. It just lost the No.1 spot to Brazil recently.

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Q : Which country started Soccer in the world  and Which Country is Best at Soccer now?

Answer :

1. Brazil

Brazil moved to the top of FIFA World Rankings in April 2017 after winning nine consecutive matches and qualifying first for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Their ascent was aided by Argentina losing several key matches including the loss to Bolivia in March 2017 which has put their FIFA World Cup qualifying in doubt. Brazil became No.1 for the first time since 2011.


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