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In this era each and every married human being has the right to decide the number, and spacing of his children this has become possible due to developed medical and social facilities but hundred years back it was not so as the mothers have threat of losing their life during child the situation is almost under control with the help of modern medicare technologies which gave an instant rise to birth rate. It can be defined as the total number of newly born children per 1000 people in time frame of one year. There are number of methods to measure and count the birth-rate of a country such as calculations of deaths, marriages, getting the population records from the census.

birth rate of different countries in the world

Due to lack of resources, Increase in Birth rate is major problem of some countries but some nations are struggling to increase it such as Italy and Malaysia which are trying to raise the annual births and their government is giving the financial benefits and also providing number of human support services to encourage the new mothers. While on the other hand countries like china and many others are trying to reduce the annual new births. China has the one child policy and many other measures to control the rate as it has world’s highest population.

birth rate in different countries

Fastest growing populace is creating number of problems faced by various under developed nations around the world. It leads to numerous difficulties for the nations having the huge population. The birth rates falling in the range of 10-20 births/1000 are considered nominal while the rates ranging from the 40-50 births/1000 are considered a highest rate. The nations having the great rise in their births rate are facing diverse problems such as education problems, unemployment, worst health care system, poorest and cheapest life style, child labor, crimes and many other problems.following is a top ten list of such countries with highest birth rate in the world.

statistics of birth rate in different countries of the world

List of The Top 10 Countries With Highest Birth Rates in the World

Rank Countries Birth Rate
1. Niger 46.12
2. Mali 45.53
3. Uganda 44.17
4. Zambia 42.46
5. Burkina Faso 42.42
6. Burundi 42.33
7. Malawi 41.80
8. Somalia 40.87
9. Angola 38.97
10. Afghanistan 38.84


Q : Which Country has the Highest Birth-Rates in the World?
From different authentic and verified sources and research Niger has highest rate, Niger is a developing country which covers the land area of 1,270,000km2. Its Births rate is 50.60 per 1000 persons per year. Its total GDP is $11.632 billion and per capita is $771. Its dialing code is +227 .Capital : Niamey
Official Language : French

Official Flag of Niger

Niger Flag

About: Niger is highest in all over the world its 80% Area is covered by The Sahara Desert .


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