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Teenage pregnancy means The pregnancy before the age of 20 years which creates many difficulties for teenager girls. In the developed countries this problems have several causes which are as follows:

  • Low educational level
  • Poverty
  • UN-Maturity etc

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According to a research it was discovered that pregnancies per one thousand females aged 15 to 19 years.  Different authentic and verified sources showed that USA is the country which have the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world. United States has 494357 teenage births in a year.

Drawbacks of Teen Pregnancy faced by Teen Mothers

  • 50% teens don’t imagine about the difficulties which would effect their lives.
  • Children born\ by teen aged mothers are so lazy and they don’t give good performance in their student career as compared to the children of old and mature mothers.
  • there are several health issues for both of them i-e mother and newly born child

List of top 5 Countries with Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rate

Rank Country Births Per Year
1. United States 4,94,357
2. Poland 30,413
3. Germany 29,000
4. Canada 19,920
5. France 17,985


Suggestion : There should be some measures to stop and decrease the  un mature girls pregnancy. There should be increased an awareness to prevent it as much as possible.

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