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Even with the initiation of green economy, oil is still considered a precious commodity that has the power and ability to create the fortunes of different nations around the world. Number of Fuel markets have abundance of causes to be spooked. Libya is considered the home of Africa’s Crud oil reserves than all other African nations. Today no one can deny the importance of Fuel due to the world’s largest running commodity. There is no country having no fuel consumption but their production, import and export vary from each other. Currently Russia is the largest oil-producing country with more than 10,730,000 BB/per day and contributing to 12.65% in global fuel output. Russia has world’s leading Petroleum industry. It is the largest natural gas exporting nation in the world. Similarly it is considered world’s third largest energy-consuming nation too so by the figures of export, Saudi Arabia leads Russia exporting 7,635,000 barrels of refined oil each day.KSA produces 10.3 Million Barrels per day in totals

List of Top Ten Oil Exporters in the World

Rank Country Oil Exports (BB/Day)
1. saudi arabia Saudi Arabia 7,635,000
2. Russia Flag Russia 5,010,000
3. Iran Iran 2,523,000
4. uae United Arab Emirates 2,395,000
5. NORWAY Norway 2,184,000
6. iraq Iraq 2,170,000
7. kuwait Kuwait 2,127,000
8. Nigeria Nigeria 2,102,000
9. Canada Flag Canada 1,929,000
10. United States flag United States 1,920,000


saudia arabia oil exports

KSA is an Islamic country which is respected all over the world due to its holy places mainly Mecca and Medina. Its Capital city is Al Riyadh. Official language is Arabic and law is purely Islamic. Most of the countries get benefit from Saudi government for their fuel needs. Though since 2009, a decline in its annual exports has observed but still it is world’s largest exporter. It has animatedly one-fifth of the world’s proven natural fuel reserves and said to be the largest producer as well as exporter of all the petroleum liquid products. The Following chart is showing the Saudi Exports by Destination. SAUDI OIL PIE CHART

From different authentic resources it is concluded that Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of oil.

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