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MILITARYIf I ask you to show me a powerful nation, no doubt your answer will be a country having a great military strength. If we take a bird’s eye view on the great and powerful nations and empires of the past, the most common thread would be a strongest military. Today for being recognized as the powerful country; the efficient and great military strength is the first requirement to stand on the top of hill. Since the late 19th century, U.S has been recognized as the hub of powerful countries around the world. After defeating the Spanish army in Philippines and Cuba, U.S got the first rank in the list of world’s powerful nations. Furthermore the World War 1 and 2 also made it the famed country. Still United States is considered world’s major power due to the number of reasons but its efficient and strongest army is the essential factor behind its power as compared to the other countries around the world.
Similarly the Great Britain also ruled for the 200 years. Do you know what the major factor behind its longest command was? The reason was strong military power. this defines that the army power plays a great role for every nation strength. It has deep effects on the political stability and foreign relations with other countries.
It may not be imagined that there would be a nation without military forces i,e Army, Navy or Air Force. Because these forces are considered much important for the defense, survival and protection of a country. This is a reality that “Which countries don’t maintain their military forces are attacked by their enemies”. No one can deny their importance but still there are some nations that do not have any armed services. There are some countries having even not a single fighting arms due to the diverse reasons. Some due to their historical background,some due to their geographical location. Some nations say that Military is the basic necessity while on the other hand some nations feel no need for a fighting force.Below is the list of ten countries which do not have their any maintained Army which can protect them from different harms :
List of Countries Having No Military Power (nations without Armies)
# Flag Country
1. andorra Andorra
2. costa Rica Costa Rica
3. Grenada Grenada
4. Kiribati Kiribati
5. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
6. Marshall Islands Marshal Islands
7. Federated States of Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia
8. Nauru Nauru
9. Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
10. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Above mentioned countries have no maintained army though there are some Nations which don’t have any standing arms but have some limited security forces e.g police having the responsibility of public protection. Following is a list of such countries having no standing force but partially protected by their small size security forces.china army
# Official Flag Country
1. Haiti Haiti
2. ICELAND Iceland
3. Mauritius Mauritius
4. Monaco Monaco
5. Panama Panama
6. Vanuatu Vanuatu


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