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The Travel & Leisure magazine select every year the list of the best hotels and resorts in the world including urban housing, beach, mountain … linking their quality in performance found in the wonderful natural places or environments. here we are showcasing the top ten resorts in the world  which include a Decalogue who heads a resort in India next to a nature reserve tigers, high Monana American ranches an African resort in the Masai Mara, a plantation in the Caribbean, palazzo on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or pavilion hunting in the Loire region of France. 

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Phang Na (Thailand)

A rocky labyrinth enters the waters of the Andaman Sea, at south of the country. The mountain peaks emerge in the waters, green upholstered. The area of the bay is Ao Phangnga National Park and from Phuket cruises leave daily for touring the area, and is ideal for diving. Many of the islands are uninhabited and invite you to an experience like Robinson Crussoe in this sort of maritime mangrove. One of them was the setting for the film The Man with the Golden Gun, the saga of James Bond, of course, is named after the famous British secret agent.

Whitehaven Beach (Australia)

At the heart of the coral reef this beach is, according to the same in Australia, the best place in the Whitsundays Island archipelago. One can stay there forever, or join in the experience they offer boats and luxury ferries arriving daily to spend the day here.

Six miles of sand so white that blinds lining a deep turquoise sea water. In the far north, the coast juts amazing forming a bay known as Hill Inlet.

Venturing to an ocean rafting or join the sea kayaking are seeking proposals for combining romantic moments with action you have your pinch of (inevitable) adrenaline.

top resorts in the world

Mauritius (East Africa)

Dutch, French and English took possession of this island green and steep, and since 1968 is an independent republic. The Hindu inhabitants (67%), Creole, Chinese, European Muslims and Christians and Protestants. Besides sugarcane, Ylang Ylang here grown to obtain a fine, aromatic essence.

Mauritius is east of Madagascar, surrounded by reefs that enclose and calm turquoise waters, such as North, Pereybere, Belle Mare and where you installed the finest resorts. The Blue Bay, Roches Noires, Grand Bay, Le Morne, Flic en Flac … are added to complete a circuit of 330 km.

Cool breeze with luxury beach sunbath is quality of this paradise like place, so we added this in our Top Ten  beach Resorts In The World.

Anguilla (West Indies)

Turned into a luxury destination, the island of the British past is now residential villas domain and a few resorts at the highest level; installed on them is the only way to approach this exclusive Caribbean hideaway.

There are 33 beaches (the Rendezvous Bay is one of the best) that appear on the pale sand coastline, just licked by a sea jewel toned translucent.

At Valley, the capital, disorganized village charm subtracted the few colonial vestiges that still remain, the quaint touch the goats get loose in the streets with the traveler sometimes meets. In bars reggae sounds.

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El Nido (Philippines)

To the west, an endless succession of islands disappearing in the South China Sea: the archipelago of Palawan . The place, interspersed with those little pieces of limestone emergeing from the waves with white sandy beaches made of seaweed powder, beware El Nido.

The sea water is transparent and reveals coral formations of different shades, multicolored fish and aquatic plant garden. Inland, the geography abounds in underground rivers, caves and very green rainforest.

Here, fishermen use bamboo looms nipiz materialize, a delicate fabric made with the thread of the bromeliad anasasa or banana stem.

Los Roques (Venezuela)

Look at the map every morning and choose one of the many cays and atolls where the hours spent alone with the sea and the sun is what those who visit this national park a 30 minute flight from Caracas.

There are more than 300 coral islands and only four are inhabited. Gran Roque, the capital, concentrating all services. From here you arrive by boat to the island chosen, which is “abandoned” with umbrella and cooler and returned to pick up a scheduled time. The other way to see the islands is by boat, a pleasure egregious that it costs more expensive than living in Gran Roque.

top resorts in the world

Playa de las stars (Panama)

Swim under the sun has a special charm. It is a habitat of shallow water and calm waves, and in the background are seen huge red starfish, yellow and orange. These particular sea creatures, here are in dozens, are the real reason to attract visitors that apply to discover by just looking through the blue-green waters of the sea surrounding the island Colon, one of many that form the archipelago of Bocas del Toro.

In the rest of the island, forests, rivers, streams and swamps alternating with coral reefs and lush coastal mangroves.upon these factors we included in list of top ten resorts

Itacare (Brazil)

Years ago, the land area was devoted to cocoa fazenda, then when it was over, the site was converted slowly. Today, these large areas between hills inhabited by palm became the destination for seekers of new “havens”.

Best Beaches: Itacarezinho, ideal for surfing. Prainha, enclosed between two hills and surrounded by an incredible cocoteral, is the prettiest in the whole country get hard, but worth the effort. In Havaizinho one feels like on a desert island and low tide Jeribucaçu forms a huge lagoon and transparent as an appendix to the sea.

most beautiful resorts

Tulum (Mexico)

On a cliff, the mysterious walled city of the Maya, Tulum , houses a large bank on the Caribbean Sea. White sand beaches and bright turquoise waters invite a long stay in the sun.

Located just opposite the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world, this destination is also a natural park that seduces lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Not everything here is beach life, a good alternative is to visit the archaeological sites of Coba and Muyil, close, and add a trip to Chichen Itza.


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