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The beef industry is a cornerstone of meat packing industries almost everywhere in the world. In developed countries, it holds a large market every time with superstores selling packaged meat in nearly all countries. For the people living in the advanced European countries, USA, Canada, Australia and UK, the meat that they pick from their supermarkets may not come from their own countries’ local beef vendors. Beef has one of the largest shares in the meat market with it being the third most consumed meat in the world after chicken and pork. Even after so many reports about beef being unhealthy and contribution in high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it continues to be a favorite among the mass public. In the United States, the beef industry is the largest American agriculture segment.

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Following are the top 10 beef producing countries:

10. Russia

Russia now boasts one of the largest beef producing companies in the world with Miratorg becoming a major player in the beef industry not only in the country but on the global scale as well. The company now owns a total of 400,000 cows, a number which is increasing every year along with the quality of meat. Russia produced 1.34 million metric tons of meat in 2016.

9. Turkey

A study showed that around 70% of the Turkish farms have livestock, especially beef. The industry here accounts for 25% of the total agricultural market. Even though the consumption of beef has decreased in the country due to cost and income shifts, the market for beef and its potential for global scale export are still there. Turkey produced 1.642 million tons of meat in the previous year.

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8. Pakistan

Pakistan may be a surprise entry in the list of top 10 beef producing countries, but if you see Pakistani cuisine, you would know that meat, especially beef along with mutton and chicken, hold a huge market share. The locals love meat, and the production quantity in Pakistan has risen from 1.2 million tons in 2010 to 1.75 million tons in 2016. The country exports premium quality and other kinds of meat as well.

7. Mexico

Even though Mexico is the 7th largest beef producer, the demand for beef has sky rocketed in the country in recent years due to many of the food products and cuisine in the country involving beef. That is why most of the 1.88 million metric tons of meat produced stays in the domestic markets.

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6. Australia

Australia is the first country in the list to go over 2 million metric tons of production. It accounts for 3.5% of the world’s total beef production. The problem is that their beef production has declined over the years from 2.36 million tons in 2013 to 2.125 million tons in 2016. The trend is a bit baffling because Australia has been among the top 3 exporters of meat in the past decade.

5. Argentina

Argentina consumes the second most beef per person in the world with 120 lbs. Per year being the average last year. That is why their healthy meat production of 2.65 million tonnes mostly stays in the country just like Mexico.

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4. India

Beef industry in India has had a storied past with over 30,000 illegal slaughterhouses currently operational in the country. The beef that comes from India is mostly from the water buffalo which is not considered holy in Hinduism. The country has also become the largest exporter of beef in the world with 4.2 million metric tons of beef produced in 2016.

3. China

China has had a growing meat market in the past few years which is catching up to the poultry market. The country has improved its beef production from 6.2 million metric tons in 2011 to 7 million metric tons in 2016; a steady improvement.

Beef Producing Countries in the World

2. Brazil

Brazil is not only the second largest beef producer in the world with 9.284 million metric tons of meat in 2016 but also the second largest exporter as well. The large population of the country and its propensity to eat meat makes sure most of the beef stays in the domestic market, unlike India.

Sr. No. Name Million Metric tonnes
1 USA 11.5
2 Brazil 9.284
3 China 7
4 India 4.2
5 Argentina 2.65
6 Australia 2.125
7 Mexico 1.88
8 Pakistan 1.75
9 Turkey 1.642
10 Russia 1.34

1. USA

The USA has the largest cattle industry in the world and the Department of Agriculture that takes the quality of beef very seriously. The USA produced 11.5 million metric tons of meat in 2016 with a 19% market share in the world’s beef production.


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