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Mango is a tropical fruit that usually grows in a more heated environment. The fruit starts its growing period at around the end of the spring. It belongs to the flowering plant genus called Mangifera. Mango is a staple fruit of the sub-continent and most of the South Asia. Most of its production happens in the tropical regions of the world that are close to the equator on all four sides of the hemisphere. That is probably the reason why the majority of the countries that are among the list of largest mango producing countries are mostly in the Asian region near the equator.
mangoes from different parts of the world
There are no countries from Europe in the list and not even the United States of America, a country which tops many food and agricultural items regarding production, is among the lists.
That maybe the reason why mangoes are not a big thing in USA and Europe compared to some other fruits. However, there is also the fact that you get messy while eating a mango. Seriously, a very slimy fruit encased inside a very thin and inedible skin makes for an extremely hard skinning process to eat the good bits. That is the reason why a large minority of people likes to consume this fruit by rolling it from the outside to make a puree, make a sizable hole and suck out the pulpy juice from within. Now that we have gotten the disgusting eating methods out of the way, it is time to discuss the places where Mangoes are most readily available due to their production proximities.
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Continental Produce

As expressed before, when it comes to the production of Mangoes, Asia is the undisputed king. On top of having all of the top five countries in the list, Asia also has two more in Bangladesh and Philippines at 8th and 10th respectively.
mangoes of different countries
After that, Africa, South America, and North America all have one country each to round up the top 10. And with countries like Nigeria, Brazil, and Mexico as their representatives, show that a tropical climate goes a long way in cultivating the fruit.
top countries with most mangoes production in the world

The Largest Mango Producing Countries in the World

Ranking Country Production in Metric Tons
1 India 15.188 million
2 China 4.35 million
3 Thailand 2.60 million
4 Indonesia 2.131 million
5 Pakistan 1.888 million
6 Mexico 1.827 million
7 Brazil 1.25 million
8 Bangladesh 0.889 million
9 Nigeria 0.850 million
10 Philippines 0.800 million

Mango Health Benefits and Uses

mangoes from different regions

Mangoes are considered “King of Fruits” in the sub-continent, and there are several reasons why that is despite the fruit not being very popular in the US and most of the western world.
  • Its antioxidant properties help protect against the variety of cancers such as breast cancer, leukemia, prostate, and colon cancer.
  • Again, the antioxidant properties along with the vitamin C in the fruit can help cleanse skin, eliminate oily pores and also protect dry skin.
  • The vitamin E in mangoes can increase one’s libido.
  • Vitamin A and beta carotenes are hailed as the core nutrients that can have the positive impact on the eyesight. A single mango can fulfill 25% of the daily Vitamin A, and beta-carotene needs.
  • There were several common misconceptions about mangoes because of their extremely sweet taste that they contained a lot of calories, they contributed towards high cholesterol and that they were bad for diabetes. Nothing can be farther from the truth as mangoes not only help lower the body cholesterol because of its surprisingly low glycemic index, they also help in managing the insulin levels in the body. But do take the fruit in moderation as the excess of everything is bad.

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