Top 10 Largest Producers of Wheat



Wheat is a cereal grain which is most grown grain on the land and it is cultivated  in all over the world.  in 2010 its total production was 651 million tons in the world it is the most consumed and cultivated corp as compared to other corps. in different nations its production is different according to their usage and needs.

Country Ranking by Top 10 Producers of Wheat in the World

Rank Country Million Metric Tons
1. China 117
2. India 86
3. Russia 56
4. United States 54
5. France 38
6. Australia 24
7. Canada 25
8. Pakistan 25
9. Germany 22
10. Kazakhstan 22
From the above table it can be clearly concluded that China is the largest producer of wheat in the world and its total production in a year is 117  metric tons. 

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