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Maize which is also called corn maize or more commonly as simply ‘corn’ is a grain that is popular widely and used all over the world. It is sometimes thought of as a vegetable because the kernels that are on the cob inside the leafy stalk are food grain. The food grain is said to be originated somewhere in Central America in the Mexico region, but it has since become a popular grain to grow all over the world, especially in Asia. The grain grows mostly near the equator where there is warm climate, although the USA has lots of prairie land in the north where the corn maize is often grown the most.

top corn producing countries
There are several ways to eat the corn maize which is popular depending on the region and culture. It is consumed via directly eating from the cob by either boiling or cooking inside a salt bath. Often kernels are removed from the cob and eaten by flavoring and boiling them. Corn is also often dried to produce what is called ‘Makai’ which can then be cooked in a salt bath becomes a very crunchy and crispy snack. Corn maize is also used to make flour in different parts of the world, especially South Asia, where chapatti, which is essentially like a tortilla, is made from it.

top most producing countries

Continental Produce

As told before, maize or corn is produced all over the world because of which it is one of those unique products which is produced heavily in all habitable continents. The area that produces the most corn, however, is easily North America which features USA and Mexico in the top 10 list. Canada just misses out at 11th place with 13.2 million metric tons of production in the year 2016-17. But with the USA producing an unassailable 384 million metric tons with Mexico at a respectable 28 million, North America is the largest maize producer.

top most countries producing countries

Then we have Asia with China at second place and India also in the list. Europe features Ukraine along with the European Union as well which takes the 4th place in the list. Russia represents both Asia and Europe. South America has Brazil and Argentina which when combined produces an impressive 136 million metric tons. Africa features only one country to complete the top 10 with South Africa.

countries with top most corn production in the world

Top 10 Largest Maize Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Production in tonnes
1 USA 384.78 million
2 China 219.55 million
3 Brazil 96 million
4 European Union 60.71 million
5 Argentina 40 million
6 Ukraine 28 million
7 Mexico 27 million
8 India 26 million
9 Russia 15.31 million
10 South Africa 15.3 million

Uses and Benefits of Corn Maize

top corn producing countries in the world

  • Fiber intake is necessary for the body’s digestive system to function and to also lower cholesterol and blood pressure. One large serving of pop-corn contains roughly 60% of the daily recommended fiber intake.
  • Corn oil which is produced from corn maize is oil made from a side product of corn milling. It is low in fat and contains fatty acids which make it ideal for people with heart, cholesterol and blood pressure issues.
  • Corn maize has phytochemicals and Vitamin B which help with absorption of carbs and metabolism, thus lowering the risk of diabetes.
  • Maize can improve the functioning of adrenal glands which can reduce the risk of hypertension.
  • Thymine in corn maize has been reported to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s as it improves cognitive function.

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