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Date is a very delicious and much liked food in most of the countries in the world. It is used as food in some parts of world and it has much importance in some nations . It contains many vitamins in it. i,e Vitamin A,B, C,E , K , Iron, Calcium, Magnesium , Sodium and Zinc are its main ingredients. It is produced and used as major diet in several countries.There are multiple types of dates which are grown in the world,out of which some type are as follows :

  1. Anbarah
  2. Afandi
  3. Berhi
  4. Ajwah
  5. Helya
  6. Gharr
  7. Baidh
  8. Helwah
  9. Barny
  10. Jebaily
  11. Menaify
  12. Mushkouh
  13. Zaewy
  14. Wananah
  15. Maktoomi

Top 10 Largest Date Producers in the World


Rank Country Production (1000 Metric Tonnes)
1. Egypt 1,373.57
2. Saudi Arabia 1,122.82
3. Iran 1,016.61
4. United Arab Emirates 900.00
5. Algeria 690.00
6. Iraq 619.18
7. Pakistan 557.28
8. Oman 268.01
9. Tunisia 180.00
10 Libya 165.95


Egypt is the largest date producing country as compared to the other countries in the world according to an estimate in  2009 its production per 1000 metric tonnes was 1,373.57 .

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