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which country has the most mobile phone users in the world

Today mobile has become an integral part of our life because it stands amid the fastest sources of telecommunication today.According to a rough estimate more than 60% people on the planet are using mobile phone which is the a heavy usage. Cell Phone producing companies are generating a heavy income from this industry.Every passing day gives a push to mobile phone penetration, and such phones are going to be used as an essential and usable invention around the globe.we will have a look on the top 10 countries using the most cellphones in the world.

Today a single individual has more than one handsets that are increasing the number of users.It is supposed that cell phone has taken most important role in the transmission sector. It is used throughout the globe but in accordance to an estimate conducted in 2011 list of top 10 countries was prepared by their mobile users.

As we know more population, more usage. The chart given below highlights same thing but has some different ratio with respect to population.

List of Top 10 Countries With the Highest Number of Mobile Phones Users in the World

Rank Country No. of Users
1. Chine 1,046,510,000
2. India 908,358,714
3. United States 327,577,529
4. Brazil 261,780,000
5. Russia 256,117,000
6. Indonesia 236,800,000
7. Pakistan 122,060,799
8. Japan 121,246,700
9. Germany 107,000,000
10. Nigeria 101,271,578


mobile phone users by country

In the above-given ranking list, China is the country that has most mobile phones usage and has more Cell phones than the rest of nations in the world. All the information is collected from the different authentic sources. More Countries

Today almost every person living either of the places on the planet thinks the mobile phone has made his/her life more efficient and creative. With the help of this great innovation, everyone can manage everything of daily life. Furthermore, it also keeps people more versed with the current happening either in the countryside or on the international level. Here is a statistical report showing the different facts and figures about mobile phones and its users in the world.


Statistics of Mobile and Its Users Percentage
Percentage of People who think their mobile as the first and last thing they look every day. 29%
Percentage of People reported using their mobile after 30 or fewer minutes. 37%
Percentage of users who like to use text messaging service instead of making a voice or video call. 32%
Percentage of People having the need to retain the latest and more innovative mobile technology. 18%
People who think they can’t live longer in the absence of their mobile. 34%
Percentage of people giving credit to their mobile phone for making them able to be the best parents. 65%
People who use to bring their cell phone with them just over a lunch during their working hours. 66%
Percentage of people calling their lovers to a date through text message. 20%


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