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Today, the technology sector has got the huge attention of nearly all countries in the world since it seems to be the core requirement for every nation to survive and fight with other countries. Countries with the latest technology have a great racing level in the world in any sector. Scientific innovations meet the requirements and amenities for the people to stand. The nations who do not advance plans as age increases continued far away from the achievement and latest inventions. Countries with the latest technology never persist at the back. So it can be said that if a nation want to survive in the quickly growing world, it must be innovative and advanced to survive on the earth. Today, thousands of miles distance can easily be covered in a short span of time due to progress; however, a few nations are still having the lack of technology. Connections via mobile and the Internet are the famous technologies of all time that lower the separation. These communication inventions increase the market levels as conferences are carried from everywhere on The Internet or mobile phone.

top countries in latest technology

So Because of technology requirements, Numerous countries have been trying to survive and won the title of world’s most advanced technological country around the world. Simply as the technological standing of a nation reflects the power of a country and rank at international level. A country that has an advanced technology would be able to achieve and master nearly everything, be it friendly relations with different nations and as dangerous as starting a war.  In the technological race of countries,  there are various nations on the earth who have previously proved them one of the most technologically advanced countries as a consequence of their skills and expertise in the technology sector.  If you want to find the most technologically advanced nations, Here is a list of the top 10 countries with the latest technology in the world, that continue unbeatable in conflict from the other countries striving to be technologically famous.

top countries with latest technology

Some latest technologies founded by the Countries listed Below

  • Immune Engineering
  • Precise Gene editing in Plants
  • Magic Leap
  • Nano-Architecture
  • Brain Organoids
  • Project Loon
  • Internet of DNA
  • Liquid Biopsy
  • Reusable Rockets
  • Robots that teach each other

World’s Technologically Advanced Countries as per 2016 Estimates

1. Japan

top ten countries in technology

In the list of countries with the latest technology, Japan holds the first spot, so it is recognized and respected to be the Excellent country in technology sector contrary to the other countries as this is the only nation which comes up with amazing scientific and technological invention now and then. Recently, Japan has been in the debates for their technological innovation of the Dimensional Elevator; that could move you from one floor to the other in a few seconds so we can say it can move you in the time that is required to blink an eye. Essentially getting the practice related to that of traveling in a timing device. Its unique laser gun device can fire lasers in the air, hence addressing Japan the latest technology nation in the world, together with improving their scientific area.

2. Finland

top countries in latest technology

Getting the second spot in our ranking list, Finland is a very famous European country that beats almost each sector including health, politics, economy, education and standard of living. It became possible only because of their great technology plans that were designed with an aim to make Finland the best and the most technologically advanced country on the earth. It’s per capita income is more than many other European countries that show a massive development in the technology sector.

List of Top 10 Countries with Latest Technology 2016 Rankings

Rank Country Capital
1. Japan Tokyo
2. Finland Helsinki
3. United States Washington, D.C.
4. South Korea Seoul
5. Germany Berlin
6. China Beijing
7. Canada Ottawa
8. United Kingdom London
9. Philippines Manila
10. Russia Moscow

3. The United States of America

The United States is widely famous as one of the most powerful countries in the world. It is also admitted as one of the countries with the strongest economy in the world. However, in this ranking, it is assigned the third spot here. It is considered the home to various internationally famous companies such as Google, Intel, Dell, and AMT, etc. Besides the USA is more likely to stand among the quickly growing technological nations in the coming few years.


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