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During the last few years, hundreds of travelers have been caught around various countries on the planet even for the tiny kind of drug crimes. People are fortunate who were caught in the boundaries where drugs laws are not much powerful; more usually than not, they get away with a fine or some work in jail. Furthermore, they have had the disadvantage of being caught in the regions where drugs laws are extremely strict and have discovered the tough way how dangerous they are in fulfilling their drug crime penalties, that vary from a long term prison for easy hold of the exact measure of banned drugs to public beheading for guilty drug offenders.

Which Countries have the Death Penalty for Drugs?

In the very beginning of 29th April, Indonesia executed around eight sentenced drug criminals. Seven of these eight people were nonnatives: two belonged to Australia, a Brazil, and four people were Nigerians. The decisions have prompted abuse from the prisoners’ homelands, none of that hands down the death penalty for drug traffickers. Netherlands and Brazil had previously retired their ambassadors, following an earlier sequence of hangings in January.

Indonesia is considered rare in hanging drug dealers; in most of the world, they are sentenced to long times in prison preferably.

As per indicated by the Harm Reduction International (HRI) that is a drug-dedicated NGO. Besides the 32 nations, including Gaza, apply the death penalty for drug smuggling, All but four (America, Sudan Cuba,  and South Sudan) are located in Asia or the Middle East. However in most of these countries, death punishments are very limited. Similarly, 14 countries, including America and Cuba, used to give the death penalty only on the books for drug offenders, however, in reality, these countries don’t practically execute the offenders. Only in 6 countries—China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Singapore—are drug traffickers identified to be regularly killed, as per the most recent survey of Harm Reduction International (HRI). (Indonesia is likely to join this list very soon, below is its recent killings.

death penalty for drugs usage

Killings of drug dealers are growing with every passing day, and this punishment has become more common all over the world. From 1999 to 2014 Indonesia killed only seven drug offenders, as per a report provided by Australian media. Since joining the charge a few months ago, President Joko Widodo has commanded 14, as part of war against the drug usage at home. It is also said that many of the recently executed offenders were shifting drugs out of Indonesia, instead of bringing into Indonesia.)

A higher growth of drugs has got a place in Iran, which killed around 100 drug smugglers during 2008. Furthermore, as per a survey conducted by the Amnesty International, around 241 prisoners were given the death punishment during the initial four months of 2008, Holding only 30 gram any synthetic drugs can bring you to be hanged as per law orders in Iran.

penalty of death on drugs usage

China is the most populated country in the world as per 2016 rankings. Here many areas are reported to be the place of drug suppliers, so the Chinese government has very strict rules to prevent the drug supply in China regions. Thus, China claims to execute the highest number of drug suppliers than any other nation around the globe. China never announces the facts and figures on its death penishment rates, but in the early 5-months of 2014 drug punishments were 27% greater than in the same period a year ahead.

Human rights advocates are now much worried about Pakistan, which earlier this year stopped an end on the death penalty. It has 8,000 offenders on death row, incorporating an untold amount of drug suppliers.

Countries with the highest Rates of Death Penalty for Drugs in the World

1. Malaysia

death penalty on drugs usage

In the ranking list of top countries with the death penalty for drugs, Malaysia holds the first spot. Here the criminals that are selling drugs can be given the punishment of death. Simply holding drugs in your ownership, can bring you to be jailed, fined or deported. Driving while you are drunk, can also give you a very harsh punishment in Malaysia

2. China

In China, if the Chinese police caught you with any kind of drugs, you could be ordered to escort drug rehab in a department operated by the Chinese government.  Furthermore, for some kinds of drug crimes, Execution is the sole drug penalty.

3. Vietnam

countries with death punishment on drugs usage

Vietnam holds the third spot in our ranking where the drug crime is treated very seriously. If you are arrested in Vietnam with over 1.3 pounds of heroin, you will be executed automatically. So Vietnam can be a very dangerous country for drug suppliers or drug addicted people.

4. Iran

In general, Iran is not as to be liberal for the criminal activities and drug crimes are not found in a great number as like many other nations. The usage of opium is a critical dilemma in Iran since it is produced in its neighboring country Afghanistan. If you are arrested with drugs in Iran, the normal punishment is a heavy fine, and the highest punishment is the death penalty.

List of Top 10 Countries With Death Penalty for Drugs 2016 Rankings

Rank Country Capital
1. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
2. China Beijing
3. Vietnam Hanoi
4. Iran Tehran
5. Thailand Bangkok
6. Dubai Abu Dhabi
7. Saudi Arabia Riyadh
8. Singapore
9. Cambodia Phnom Penh
10. Indonesia Jakarta

More Facts About Death Penalty in the World

  • More than 30 countries still have the laws that can give you a death penalty for some kinds of drug crimes.
  • You may be supposed to a drug trafficker, even if you are caught with the keys of a place having drugs.
  • In some nations, if you are sentenced for a drug crime, the ultimate order a judge can give you is the death penalty.
  • Giving people the death punishment for drug crimes is a routine since it is admitted the violation of international law.
  • According to a recent report, nearly half of the total executions in Saudi Arabia are for the drug crimes.



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