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Who won the title of Democratic President in 2016 Elections? The 2016 elections failed to repeat history a third time for the Democratic Party where it won the elections for the consecutive third time. The last time it happened was when Franklin D Roosevelt won for the third out of his four terms. It is to be established that the electoral process was never in the favour of a Democratic win to begin with. That is down to the viability of candidacy for the Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton was the winner as the nominee through the highest pledged delegates over Bernie Sanders. Apart from these two Democratic Party failed to produce a candidate that was able to find any traction for the major party. The aftermath of all that resulted in Hillary Clinton becoming the first ever woman to be nominated for Presidency by a major political party.

selected candidates for US election 2016
For most of the elections, it also seemed that Hillary would emerge victorious. Apart from winning the popular vote for the elections, a Republic Presidential win was always on the card. Initially, Hillary barely edged ahead in the Iowa caucuses and the initial primaries consistently had Bernie Sanders in the lead. Apart from these two Presidential candidates for the Democratic Party, none of the other candidates put up enough of a fight to be any real contenders for nominations. There were five candidates that featured in the primary ballots of over five states. Candidates like Lawrence Lessig, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee withdrew from the elections even before the year 2016 arrived.

candidates of US election 2016

Martin O’Malley was another potential candidate that could have given Hillary and Bernie a tougher fight had he not withdrew after the Iowa caucuses on February 1.
The major dent in the race to the Presidential elections for the Democratic Party came with the email scandal surrounding Hillary’s term as the U.S Secretary of state. It was alleged and later came to light that Hillary and his team had set up a private server where they exchanged work related emails. That was in violation of certain protocols and FBI Director James Comey concluded with the investigation by stating that Hillary had been extremely careless with sensitive and critical information to the US Delegate mission in Benghazi, Libya.

candidates of democracy election 2016

The investigation into that came weeks before the final electoral vote. Before that Hillary maintained significant lead in national vote but all that changed when Trump tied with her for the first time in major poll after the investigation concluded. Many experts have stated that the email scandal was potentially the deciding factor in Trump’s electoral win.
Following are the candidates that appeared in the ballots of multiple states in the primaries for the Democratic Party but still lost.

selected candidates for democratic election 2016

List of Declared Democratic U.S Presidents in 2016 Elections – Ranked in Alphabetical Order

Candidate Most Recent Public Term/Profession State Candidacy Announced
Bernie Sanders U.S Senator from Vermont Vermont April 30, 2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton U.S Secretary of State New York April 12, 2015
John Wolfe Jr. Nominee for House of Representatives, Attorney Tennessee November 9, 2015
Keith Russell Judd Perennial Candidate Texas August 16, 2014
Michael Alan Steinberg Lawyer Floridat November 19, 2013
Rocky De La Fuente Businessman California October 1, 2015
Willie Wilson Businessman Illinois May 15, 2015

Words were said, commiserations were delivered, winning speeches were made and Hillary finally implored her supporters to give Trump a fair chance to lead USA. In doing so, Hillary became the fifth presidential candidate to lose the electoral vote despite winning the popular vote, that too by a significant margin.


List of Declared U.S Republican President Candidates in 2016


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