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Since the demand for tertiary education is rising, the transportable students travel the distant locations.

The demand for tertiary education has risen through the roof in the recent years. Universities all over the globe have programs that are dedicated to attracting international students that are overly mobile in their pursuit of knowledge. In the developing countries, studying abroad have always been associated to settling in the host country with a better job, getting a boost in quality of education or coming back to the country with enough credentials to make a better living for themselves. For the students in the developed countries it is a great option to broaden their horizons, gaining additional social and language skills, and a way to penetrate greater markets once they enter the professional world.

top countries with most international students

  • Germany

A recent report in 2014 suggested that Germany hosted more than 300,000 students from international origins among the locals. It is a fact that the biggest charm of studying in Germany, despite their top quality education, is the free tuition fee apart from the paltry miscellaneous fees. That is the reason why apart from francophone and anglophone countries, Germany has the highest number of international students. If you have a great GPA or whatever method your country uses to grade students in high school, you have a great chance of getting into a world class university in the country without worrying about the crushing tuition fees of other countries. Around 6% of the total international students go to Germany

top countries with most international students in the world

  • France

The number of international students studying in France have risen greatly which is a given in the current academic climate. Most of the international students that attend school in France are from northern African nations, China, other European countries while there is a mixed collection of students in the graduate classes and PHD studies. The courses that are frequently picked by international students are from study areas of humanities, economics and sports sciences. The number of international students has risen above 400,000 in the country making them have around 8% of the total international students.

different countries with most international students

  • UK

United Kingdom has always been one of the top education destinations, especially for the people of South Asia. The number of international students hosted by United Kingdom in their prestigious and otherwise institute has always been staggering. However, in the recent years the numbers for foreign students in UK have not risen quite dramatically as the other countries such as Australia, USA and Germany. It is partly due to the very high tuition fees for the overseas students that have started to put off students who now regularly choose Germany or Australia over United Kingdom. Nonetheless, those who have a decent enough record to gain scholarships or the students with means are always going to have United Kingdom as one of their top study abroad destinations. UK hosts around 500,000 international students, 10% of the total.

most international students in different countries

Regional centers bringing a major share of the international student groups

  • Australia

Students from all over Asia have identified Australia as one of the top destinations of studying abroad. Australia has left Giants like United Kingdom and France in its wake in the recent years when it comes to racking up international students. A recent study in 2015 showed that around 645,000 international students were enrolled in Australia out of which 275,000 were for tertiary education and others for VET, ELICOS, and non-award education programs. Around 12% of the total international students now have a shoe in for graduating with some of the finest institutes in the country.

top countries with most international students

List of Top 10 Destination Countries for International Students

Rank Country Share of Mobile Students
1. United States 19%
2. Australia 12%
3. United Kingdom 9.5%
4. France 8%
5. Germany 6%
6. Russian Federation 4.5%
7. Canada 4%
8. Japan 3%
9. China 2%
10. Italy 2%

List of Top 10 Countries of Origin of Mobile Students

Rank Country Students Studying
1. China 712,157
2. India 181,872
3. Germany 119,123
4. Republic of Korea 116,942
5. France 84,059
6. Saudi Arabia (73,548
7. United States 60,292
8. Malaysia 56,260
9. Vietnam 53,546
10. Nigeria 52,066

Areas that host the greatest part of mobile students:

Rank Region Percentage
1. North America and Western Europe 57%
2. East Asia and the Pacific 19%
3. Central and Eastern Europe 10%

Nations and Territories that have More Students Reading Internationally than in the Countryside

Rank Country
1. Andorra
2. Bermuda
3. Luxembourg
4. Montserrat
5. San Marino
6. Seychelles
  • USA

It is a no brainer that USA, with the widest selection of top quality colleges, numerous states, locations and several world class institutions would be at the forefront. In fact, USA is so ahead in the game that around 19% of the total international students are studying in the country, which is a massive 7% ahead of the second place Australia. With nearly a million international students, USA attracts students with a wide variety of institutes with prestigious Ivy League to affordable yet resourceful state schools. The great thing about USA is that most of its International student body, unlike Australia’s, is enrolled in the higher education program.


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