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[box type=”download”]After Asia continent, Africa captures the second rank in terms of its population and its area becoming world’s second most populated and largest continent with near about 30.2 million km² area.consists of 54 countries form which 2 are disputed. The adjacent islands are also included in its boundaries. When it comes to percentage in the entire earth surface, it is covering 6% of entire earth surface while 20.4% of total land area. According to a recent survey conducted in 2013, its population was calculated as 1.1 billion people who are equal to the 15% of global human populace. Geographically Africa is surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the Southeast, Mediterranean Sea to the North and by the Atlantic Ocean to the West side. Furthermore it also includes the Madagascar and numerous archipelagos. One interesting thing that is making it an important continent than others is the lowest old age people as Africa has the youngest inhabitants and a recent report has revealed that it’s 50% population have the age between 19 years and 12.  from all of the African countries, Algeria is the largest country by area size while on the other hand Nigeria is the most populated country. Africa is the home of natural resources, resorts and most importantly world largest jungle and wildlife is situated here, local people are speaking more than 600 languages in different areas having lot of different breeds and cultures. Following is the latest and complete list of all African countries along with their capitals and flags.



Rank Country Capital Area In Km²
1. Algeria Algiers 2,381,740
2. Angola Luanda 1,246,700
3. Benin Porto-Novo 112,622
4. Botswana Gaborone 581,730
5. Burkina Faso Ouagadougou  274,000
6. Burundi Bujumbura 27,834
7. Cameroon Yaounde 475,442
8. Cape Verde Praia 4,033
9. Central African Republic  Bangui 622,984
10. Chad N’Djamena 1,284,000
11. Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa 2,344,860
12. Republic of Congo  Brazzaville 342,000
13. Cote d’ Ivoire Yamoussoukro 322,463
14. Egypt Cairo 980,869
15. Equatorial Guinea Malabo 28,051
16. Eritrea Asmara  117,600
17. Ethiopia Addis Ababa 1,104,300
18. Gabon Libreville 267,668
19. Ghana Accra 238,532
20. Guinea-Bissau Bissau 36,125
21. Kenya Nairobi 580,367
22. Lesotho  Maseru 30,355
23. Liberia  Monrovia 111,369
24. Libya Tripoli 1,759,540
25. Madagascar Antananarivo 587,041
26. Malawi Lilongwe 118,484
27. Mali Bamako 1,240,190
28. Mauritania Nouakchott  1,025,520
29. Mauritius Port Louis  2,040
30. Morocco Rabat 446,550
31. Mozambique Maputo 801,590
32. Niger Niamey 1,267,000
33. Nigeria Abuja 923,768
34. Republic of Djibouti Djibouti 23,200
35. Republic of Guinea Conakry 245,857
36. Republic of Namibia Windhoek 824,292
37. Republic of South Sudan Juba 248
38.  Republic of Sudan Khartoum 2,505,810
39. Republic of Tunisia Tunis 163,610
40. Rwanda Kigali 26,338
41. Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé 964
42. Senegal Dakar 196,722
43.  Seychelles Victoria 455
44. Sierra Leone Freetown 71,740
45. Somalia Mogadishu 637,657
46. South Africa Pretoria 1,221,040
47.  Swaziland Mbabane 17,364
48. Tanzania Dodoma 945,087
49. Gambia Banjul 11,295
50. Togo Lomé 56,785
51. Uganda Kampala 241,038
52. Union of Comoros  Moroni 2,235
53. Western Sahara El Aaiún 266,000
54. Zambia Lusaka 752,618
55. Zimbabwe Harare 390,757



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Notes and facts:

  • Africa has very low literacy rate as compared to other continentsDue to poverty and low economic conditions , it is rated as undeveloped part of this planet with very low GDP.Currently Juba is the capital of South Sudan but in future Ramciel is planned to be the capital of South Sudan.

  • Comoros, São Tomé & Príncipe and Seychelles, and Cape Verde are not the part of Africa’s main land but in fact these are the part of African Subcontinent.

being worlds 2nd populous  continent plentiful troubles are being faced by African countries and their inhabitants.  When you think about it, each and every thought of this continent evokes abundant images of snarling lions, rhinoceros, herds of elephants and hundreds of different wild beasts. Moreover the political instability, depressing human rights, poverty and lots of other troubles are seen here. Since the start of current century, numerous African countries took a great push towards the democratic system and the economic growth of these nations also rose within short span of time. Furthermore the telecommunication and IT Sector also got a good position. And in accordance to a recent report by America, this continent can be a new Asia if it continued the same progress.with official flags and capitals the above list contains 55 African nations worldwide.

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