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6 locations where it rains “370 days a year”

Do not panic, there is no error in the above heading. When we published , the post on the island of Yakushima in Japan (which is also included in this post), we presented the site as the place where “it rains 35 days a month,” a phrase that local themselves often used to joke referring to regime rainfall on the island.

In this post, we will go to places most wet on the planet, places where it rains heavily and which also run “370 days rain a year”, although we are kidding as there are 365 days and rain occurs each day and whole year . There are sites on the planet in excess of 10,000 millimeters rain per year, and this post is an attempt to cross them and reveal virtually if it comes out, which is the wettest spot on earth. And we must say, despite the humidity, are sites that look lovely as confirming that where there is water, makes life a paradise.


lets start talking here we go , we will cover the places or the areas of specific nations with Highest Rainfall in the World

1. The drain of the world

There is a mountain area in Hawaii, especially on Mount Waialeale, which acts as a funnel in the world. May fall to 11,500 millimeters per year, but even that figure may well exceed by time to time. The mountain is a volcanic caldera thereby exposed to clouds and moisture that comes from the sea, which literally acts as a barrier to cloud cover land all around. And literally dozens of waterfalls are formed (it rains 360 days ):

heavy rainfall across different region

Two. The kingdom of rain and waterfalls in New Zealand.

One of the most scenic walks in New Zealand (Milford Track), and of course, is among the wettest (6,000 to 8,000 millimeters per year). On the slopes of the mountain hundreds of waterfalls occur. It is one of the wettest spots on the planet, but we were still scarce.and due to moisture it rains heavily many times a day, sometimes it is too continuous. due to moisture and wet jungles you can also consider Netherland to be the country with highest rainfall in the year.

rainfall in different regions

Three. The rainy jungle of Borneo

A “reasonable” 5,000 mm per year in the rain forest of Gunung Mulu, in the heart of the island of Borneo in Malaysia. In our search for the rainiest spot on the planet are far to find it. With a little easy access, the jungle only accessible by aircraft or by ship, an adventure that takes us to a place that can be as strange as this.

April. The island of the flood in Japan

Yakushima is the Japanese island of eternal deluge. A place where you can fall between 4,000 and 10,000 mm of water per year, enough to free the kingdom of mosses, fungi, and trees that grow giving the place the look of an enchanted forest.

countries with most rainfall

May. The water paradise in Chocó, Colombia

In Chocó , Colombia northeastern area overlooking the Pacific, recorded in places up to 13,000 mm of rainfall a year and is one of the candidates to contest as the highest rainy place of the planet. It is an area of ​​forest, and tropical climate, a combination that allows the biological riches of the world’s highest spot.

June. Cherrapunjee, the place where the sky falls in India

Cherrapunjee is in India, and for years was considered the rainiest spot on the planet. Their average annual rainfall reaches 11,430 mm, but the distinction is that the rainfall is concentrated in the monsoon season. In conclusion, the rain is incredibly generous and a concentrated time period. But equally, fails to exceed the amount of water falling wept in Colombia.

countries with highest rainfall

Country with Highest Rainfall in the World

Sr. No. Name Rainfall in millimeter per year
1 Colombia 13,000
2 Hawaii 11,500
3 India 11,430
4 Japan 10,000
5 New Zealand 8,000
6 Borneo 5,000

Q:Which country has the highest rain fall in the world?

Finally, if a competition is held, we could say that all the credit for the rainiest place on the planet would be between Mount Waialeale in Hawaii, and cried in Colombia. According to the techniques, procedures and measurement periods could identify any of them winning.

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