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When you are looking at best places to raise a family, there are certain rules and child protection laws that enable countries to become safe haven for children. Most of the developing or underdeveloped nations not only forego those laws, but the children there even have to commit towards child labor more often than not in order to survive or support their struggling families. The countries that are head and shoulders above in child care often have high levels of taxes. These countries also put emphases on free healthcare for children and have a very astute public education system.
Even in the countries that do seem to forego some semblance of childcare, there are measures in place to augment some of the atrocities that do have the potential to take place. However, it is not a coincidence that the most peaceful continent on earth right now, Europe, has eight countries in the list.

child care in different countries

Major Confront Troubles faced by Child

  • Due to some economical and financial problems children are enforced for the labor in order to survive their own as well as their family’s life. It looks into the poor and developing nations.
  • Child sexual Abuse
  • Physical punishments
  • Imprisonment for common crimes

As a result of the above problems Many nations took necessary steps to prevent the child-faced problems of present time. Following is a list of top ten countries which are considered most secured for children and best nations for child care in the world.


In the Spanish healthcare, the public system allows the mothers to have a baby, with post-natal and prenatal care, without any cost. The universal healthcare covers any kind of complication that may arise from childbirth also. The kids are allowed at bars and there is usually a much safer atmosphere there. Spain is not only known for its higher unemployment rate, but also for its cheaper living conditions.

top countries having best child care


The great weather and beaches in Australia are just the icing on a cake when it comes to raising a family. Public education is free of cost until the high school which is another added bonus. Low crime rate, terrorist activity and child safety laws are also a plus.


France is known for providing kids with an extended outdoor life with several parks and gardens for kids to play. Children here don’t start using phones till the age of 12 on average, an average which is getting lower and lower throughout the world. Cheap public education system is also in place with child labor laws also protecting them.


The education system in Germany along with its high quality in public schools may just be enough of a reason why Germany is such a great country to raise a family. Crime rate and terrorist activity is very low. Children that go to public schools have such high quality and nutritious cafeterias that working mothers don’t need to scramble every day to put out a hearty meal.

best child care in the world


Norway has a very low criminal activity. The high rate of taxes is worth it if you factor in the bonus mothers have when it comes to child birth. They can take 35 weeks paid vacation or a 45 week vacation at 80% for maternity leave.


Canada allows mothers to have up to 37 weeks of maternity leave starting from a very reasonable minimum of 17 weeks when it comes to the private sector. The public school system is also very good while the living conditions and child safety laws are also quite up to date.


The Danish parental leave system allows mothers to take up to 23 weeks of maternity leave. There are parental support, childcare and safety policies in Denmark that makes raising a family a much easier task than the developing countries of the world.

top countries with best child care in the world


Finland provides maternity leave a much earlier than most other countries as mothers can take paid vacation as early into their third trimesters. Then they also have additional 16 weeks of maternity leave. Insurance policies are also well thought out, crime rate is low, education system is good and child safety laws are quite advanced.


The maternity leave policies in Sweden are the envy of the entire world. Both parents here are entitled to up to 240 days of parental leave after childbirth. Adults even have the right to reduce their working hours with full pay until their children turn the age of eight. Sweden has some of the highest taxes in the world but for the benefits and child care the country provides, they are a small price to pay.


A latest survey has revealed that Austria is the best place for child care and raising a family. Their public education system is notches above others and the parents also receive generous maternity leaves. Families are also entitled to a monthly allowance of up to €200 per child until they turn 18.

List of Top 10 Most Safe Countries for the Children in the World 

Rank Country Best For Children
1. Austria
2. Sweden
3. Finland
4. Denmark
5. Canada
6. Norway
7. Germany
8. France
9. Australia
10. Spain

Q : Which country is best for the child care in the world?

Ans : At present Austria is the best nation for child protection in the world because Austrian Government Took much steps for the welfare and safety of children and provides a lot of child care facilitates .

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