Wednesday, October 4 2023

Which Country is with Most Time Zones in the World

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Time Zone is observed in places with uniform territory for legal, cultural or social purposes. Time Zones are important for […]

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Top 10 Countries With Most Accidents

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Life is valuable and is safe just a second prior to an accident. The life becomes miserable and woeful when […]

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Facebook users in different parts of the world

Which Country Uses Facebook the Most

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They way Facebook, has dominated the social media circuit for the past decade it is no–brainer that many countries are […]

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Which Country Eats the Most Ice Cream in the World

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All over the world, there is a boom about health conscious eating and many people are shirking away from fatty […]

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Top Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World

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Living in urban areas across the world, especially in some of the largest metropolises with strong economies has been a […]

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Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rates in the World

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Employment or Unemployment, both connotations have their own stigma attached to them. When you are employed, you are always worries […]

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Country Exports the most Christmas Trees

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Christmas is one of the most joyous and charitable occasions in the world. There is always an upward mood swing […]

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Which Country Emits the Most Greenhouse Gases

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Fitting to its name, greenhouse emissions has been a hot topic in the eyes of the world, especially since the […]

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Top 10 Countries Most Affected by Climate Change

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One of the most talked about tragedies in the world aside from the constant strain of terrorism come from the […]

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List of 10 Failed States in the World

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Saying that a country is a failed state is not just a statement about declaring a nation or a sovereign […]

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