Thursday, December 7 2023

Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

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As a people, there is a consensus that you would like to travel the world if you really have the […]

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Top 5 Longest Rivers in the World

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Rivers are the natural water channels directing towards lakes, seas or oceans or may be to some other water stream. […]

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List of All Asian Countries and Their Capitals

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Asia is the largest continent in the world.  Its epic size has never been up for dispute and as a […]

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Top 5: Most Effective & High Valued African Currencies

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In the olden days, there was a time when humans had nothing as currency or had no concept of such […]

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List of Top Ten Hottest Countries in the World

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When you are talking about the perfect weather conditions, there are multiple factors involved in making the weather perfect. Some […]

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Top 10 Largest Oil Consuming Countries in the World

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The massive oil production all around the world simply has to do with the ever increasing oil consumption. Even though […]

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Which Country Gives the Most Charity

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While most of you may associate charity with only people giving money, the global index for charitable countries takes in […]

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Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa

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If we look at the largest economies in Africa then we have Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Algeria as the […]

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A List of Military Expenditure By Country

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Military expenditure is how the world recognizes which countries is the ultimate super power. Even though the times have shifted […]

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Which Country has Most Holidays

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Holidays are a time to wind down for most. When presented with an opportunity for a holiday, most people in […]

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