Wednesday, October 4 2023

Top 10 Countries with the Most Olympic Gold Medals

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The first ever summer Olympics were held in 1896. Since then it has evolved into a multi-national sporting event that […]

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Top 10 Countries With Most Accidents

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Life is valuable and is safe just a second prior to an accident. The life becomes miserable and woeful when […]

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Pizza Facts

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 Pizza is one of the famous fast food products in the world which is topped with tomato sauce, vegetables, cheese […]

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Top 10 Cheapest U.S Cities to Live in

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USA is a diverse and eclectic mix of places. Even though most of the small towns are still mostly Caucasians, […]

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Top Ten Most Expensive Cities In United States

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Because of larger quantities of people moving to bigger metropolitans each year, the cost of living has only gone up […]

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Top Fast Food Consuming Countries in the world

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Ever wondered why people are so fixated on consuming that hamburger that is brimming with fat, those large soft drinks […]

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Top 10 BEST FOOD Cities in the World

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various people in the world have different reasons to travel around the world, from which eating is also a justification […]

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Countries with Highest School Teacher Salaries

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For the past few years, there has been a resurgence of the education sector around the world. For most countries, […]

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Qualified Countries Participating in FIFA World Cup 2014

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Best of Luck for soccer lovers around the world, FIFA world cup 2014 is going to be held in brazil, […]

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Google Belongs to Which Country

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Anytime a question may arise in our minds that who invented the search giant Google? and how it originated ? […]

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