Sunday, May 28 2023

List of Arabic Speaking Countries in the World

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In a 2013 census, it was determined that around 370 million people in the world that spoke Arabic as their […]

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Which Country Has the Most Powerful Passport

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For much of the past decade, United Kingdom has had one of the most powerful passports out of all of […]

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Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

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As a people, there is a consensus that you would like to travel the world if you really have the […]

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Top Ten Tallest Bridges In the World

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As we know the earth is not smooth everywhere  due to numerous cliffs, gorges and canyons so sometimes it is […]

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Lenovo Belongs to Which Country

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Lenovo is one of the largest manufacturers of computers and it sells a slew of electronic devices with latest technology. […]

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List of All Countries in South America

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South America is one of seven continents around the globe which is located in the West-Hemisphere it also has relatively […]

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Top 10 Spinach Producing Countries

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Spinach is one of the most popular vegetables in the world, or as popular an edible vegetable can be to […]

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List of All African Countries and their Capitals

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[box type=”download”]After Asia continent, Africa captures the second rank in terms of its population and its area becoming world’s second […]

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List of All Asian Countries and Their Capitals

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Asia is the largest continent in the world.  Its epic size has never been up for dispute and as a […]

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Which Country McDonald’s Belongs To

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McDonald’s is often ranked as the largest and the foremost franchise of fast food. There is no question about the […]

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