Thursday, December 7 2023

Top 10 Largest Countries in the World By Area

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Whenever you talk about the largest countries in the world there are certain nations that suddenly pop into a person’s […]

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Which Countries are Nearest to Equator

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  In short equator is defined as the line passing from the center of earth which divides the entire planet […]

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Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population

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A Recent report prepared by reveals that after Christianity, Islam is the second major religion in the world having […]

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Which Country has the Highest Birth Rate

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In this era each and every married human being has the right to decide the number, and spacing of his […]

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Top 10 Populated Countries In the World

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According to a recent report prepared by United Nations, the human population on this earth is expected to exceed 9.6 […]

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Which Country is Least Densely Populated

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Population density can be defined as the estimate of population being measured at per sq. km or Sq. Mi. The […]

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Which is the Most Educated Country in the World

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Education sector is much important sector through out the world. No one can deny from its importance .no matter development […]

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Which Countries use Euro as Currency

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Brief History of Euro and Other Currencies: (Country and Region Wise) World reference currencies share a valid history. Currencies are […]

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