Sunday, November 28 2021

Countries With Best Food

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“10 flavors, 10 cuisines you can not fail to try” Food is a pleasure that has found many ways to […]

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Which Country has the Best Economy in the World

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When determining the best economies in the world, it is prudent to first of all define what the best economy […]

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Which Country has Highest Drug Use in the World

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Drug abuse comes in different shapes and sizes. While most people would think that alcoholism is different from drug addiction, […]

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Top Ten Religions in the World

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When we are talking about religions then a wave of thoughts like beliefs, view about the whole world in humanity, […]

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Largest Cities in the World by Population

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The things that large cities always have in common is that they hold very diverse group of people, involving cultures, […]

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Which country has most debt

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You might read about the great economies of the world, industrialized nations, their ability to produce large Gross Domestic Product […]

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top countries with largest road networks

Which Country has the Largest Road Network

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All of the developed countries have a few things in common, and one of them is having the impeccable infrastructure. […]

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Which Country has Best Hospitals

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When we talk about the best hospitals in the world, we don’t just speak of the research conducted there and […]

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Which Country is Most Powerful in the World

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The national power of a country may seem like an arbitrary and opinionated factoid but in recent years several publications […]

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Countries Where Abortion is illegal

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In order to understand how can the process of abortion be illegal and why? We have to understand how the […]

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